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LIFE SURE will test an innovative method for dredging and for cost effective utilization of removed sediments.


Here you can find photos, videos and publications within the LIFE SURE project.

LIFE SURE in brief

A short description of the background and objectives of the LIFE SURE project.

Funding and partners

The LIFE SURE project is funded by the LIFE programme and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Contact us

Here you can find our contact information.

Study site

The bay of Malmfjärden is a semi-enclosed shallow bay located in a central part of Kalmar city.


Circular economy

LIFE sure works within the circular economy approach.


B1. Construction

Dredging equipment will be constructed to suit the project purpose and objectives.


Goals and objectives

The LIFE SURE project has as main objective to test and demonstrate an innovative dredging system.



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