A1. Planning and preparation for the stages in the project (completed).


During this activity project partners have been performed all necessary steps for a good technical preparation for the upcoming phases; construction, installation, small scale test and full scale dredging.

Permissions and detailed plan

Environmental licenses/permissions will be prepared and submitted to the environmental authorities in a way that all the project activities are done under rules and regulations established by the authorities such as amounts and areas of dredging as well as the final quality of sediments and rejected water after dewatering/dehydration steps.

Agreement with suppliers

Planning and preparation include all processes of public tendering and purchase of equipments and materials in order to start the main activities of the project.

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B1. Construction

Dredging equipment will be constructed to suit the project purpose and objectives.

B2. Installation and small scale test drive

To know how to fully use the equipement in full scale, we will first test the system in small scale.

B3. Large scale demonstration

Based on the knowledge of the small scale test, we will perform full scale dredging and treatment.

C1. Monitoring and evaluation

The focus for monitoring and evaluation is mainly to follow up the effects of the dredging activities.

D1. Dissemination

How to disseminate the technology and results of Life SURE.

D2. Replication and transferability

LIFE SURE will ensure that the solutions developed in the project can be used throughout the EU

Last updated: 3 September 2021
Published: 30 November 2018