B1. Construction


The objective of this activity is to construct the dredging equipments but also to build the treatment system to take care of the sediments and the rejected water after dehydration/dewatering.

The equipment consists of a mix of established technology and prototype. This action is divided into the following sub actions.

Construction of a new dredging unit and surface raft

The activity is to construct and assemble the dredging units that will be used in the bay of Malmfjärden. The unit is an up-scaled version of smaller units that have been already tested in some Swedish lakes. Since then, several improvements have been made, and a full-scale prototype will be constructed in this sub-action. The dredging system consists of three main components:

  • an underwater dredging unit
  • a control raft at the surface and
  • a four-point wire actuating system that moves the raft through a predetermined path.

More pages within actions

A1. Planning and preparation

Project management and project partners need to plan and prepare for the stages in the project.

B2. Installation and small scale test drive

To know how to fully use the equipement in full scale, we will first test the system in small scale.

B3. Large scale demonstration

Based on the knowledge of the small scale test, we will perform full scale dredging and treatment.

C1. Monitoring and evaluation

The focus for monitoring and evaluation is mainly to follow up the effects of the dredging activities.

D1. Dissemination

How to disseminate the technology and results of Life SURE.

Last updated: 20 March 2020
Published: 30 November 2018