Circular economy


One of the main concepts of LIFE SURE is to work within the circular economy approach in a way that dredged sediments are seen as resources rather than waste to be transported to final destination.

LIFE SURE has been working on identifying potential end-users that can use the bottom sediments that are taken from Malmfjärden as raw materials and resources in their activities. Potential end-uses of the sediments are:

  • Soil improvement on flowerbeds, agricultural land or forests.
  • Civil Engineering and construction purposes for example as aggregates to replace sand in cement and concrete production, filling of trenches and settlement of different networks.
  • Landfilling purposes on constructions and urban expansion projects.
  • Cover material on dumpsite or sanitary landfills.
  • Base for the establishment of noise barriers in highways and railways.

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Innovative dredging methods

The dredging concept which will be tested is highly innovative.

Last updated: 5 January 2023
Published: 24 January 2019