Life Sure Follow up Activities


The coming years, the Mudster and the water treatment site will stay in and at the bank of Malmfjärden bay as the sediment removal from the bay will continue.

Commitments made by the project partners can be found in the project After LIFE activity plan (länk till dokumentet)

LIFE SUREs solution has led to some new projects. Both on using the dredging robots in other water bodies as well as further develop the use of sediments.

LOVA: Mudster Eco Dredging

This follow up project has been granted fundings by the regional county board. This project will continue the research and development of sediment used materials, based on the different outcomes from the LIFE SURE project.

Within this project lies several sub-projects such as: development of a sediment-based soil containing food waste and some minerals with the aim to produce high quality soil, additional testing of soil to grow plants in, other polymers and the effect on the sediment, testing different types of sediment from other locations and some pilots and continuous development of using sediment as in infrastructure and as a construction building material.

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The LIFE SURE project works with two concepts: circular economy and innovative dredging methods.


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Study site

The bay of Malmfjärden is a semi-enclosed shallow bay located in a central part of Kalmar city.

Project results

Dredging in Malmfjärden Bay in Kalmar, Southeast of Sweden

Published: 27 October 2022