Project results

Dredging in Malmfjärden Bay in Kalmar, Southeast of Sweden

The main objective of the LIFE SURE project (2016-2022) was to demonstrate an innovative, cost-effective, and ecologically sustainable process to remove sediments from shallow waters and to use it as a resource. At the end of the project, a new and innovative solution to environmentally friendly remove and dewater soft sediments, was developed. LIFE SURE has also done pilot studies on the best possible sediment use for soft sediments and recycling of metals and nutrients.

The project was a partnership between Kalmar Municipality and Linnaeus University and was co-financed by the EU LIFE Programme and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (HaV). The project has been executed in close collaboration with local and European companies and consultants.

LIFE SUREs solution is an automatic slow-dredging system solution that removes and dewaters sediments cost-effective, with low energy-use and with very low environmental impact and with similar or better cost effectiveness than traditional techniques.

The LIFE SURE solution is highly innovative as it is automatic (no permanent staff needed on site), silent, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, mobile and easy to use. To develop a new technology has its challenges. It took the project a few years, but after many tests, several restarts and new designs, the project could finally show a working solution.

During the project, an intensive monitoring and evaluation program was executed by researchers at Linnaeus University, giving the solution a solid base with supporting environmental and cost-effectiveness data. Whereas traditional dredging can disturb the marine environment, LIFE SUREs automated robots Mudster remove soft sediments without causing cloudiness or disturb the aquatic ecosystem. On the treatment site, the sediments are dewatered using a polymer and geotextiles. This solution proved to be cost effective and had low environmental impact. The water that is released to the bay is very clean.

By using the LIFE SURE solution, the dewatered sediments can be used in several beneficial ways, thus contributing to a transition to a circular economy. During the project pilot tests have been done with sediment use for growing subtracted and for construction and infrastructure. Several follow-up initiatives have started to replicate the LIFE SURE solution and to further develop beneficial sediment applications.

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The LIFE SURE project works with two concepts: circular economy and innovative dredging methods.


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Study site

The bay of Malmfjärden is a semi-enclosed shallow bay located in a central part of Kalmar city.

Follow up

The coming years, the Mudster and the water treatment site will stay in and at the bank of Malmfjärden bay as the s...

Last updated: 27 October 2022
Published: 26 October 2021