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Kalmar is a city situated in southeastern part of Sweden, in the Småland region. The population has increased by approximately
20 000 inhabitants in the last 60 years.

Kalmar is also the county seat of Kalmar County that is composed by 12 different municipalities with an amount of 233 944 inhabitants (Source: Facts about Kalmar County, 2006). Kalmar County was created through an administrative division in 1634, but did not receive its present boundaries until the 18th century. The county comprises two provinces: the eastern part of Småland and Öland.

The bay of Malmfjärden is a semi-enclosed shallow bay located in a central part of Kalmar city, with an area of approximately 1 square kilometer. 90 percent of Malmfjärden's surface has water depths of approximately less or equal to 1 meter with an additional part that is used for boat traffic that has a depth of approximately 2 meters.

The bay has a relatively high population density with traffic in the surrounding streets and avenues which makes it a final discharge and destination of urban stormwater runoff. Furthermore the west part of the bay comprises of a football stadium and a parking lot area that are built over an old dumpsite where contaminated masses were disposed decades ago. This has been one of the main sources of contamination from metals and hydrocarbons. One of the main uses of Malmfjärden is for recreational purposes during summer time when canoes and smaller boats can be seen in the area.

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Goals and objectives

The LIFE SURE project has as main objective to test and demonstrate an innovative dredging system.


The LIFE SURE project works with two concepts: circular economy and innovative dredging methods.


These are the actions LIFE SURE will work with during the project.

Expected results

Demonstration of a non-conventional dredging technology and use of sediment uptake.

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Published: 11 January 2019