The innovative dredging systems

Floating raft that controls the under-water dredging units.

On Friday 4th May, the project coordinator for LIFE SURE has made a trip up to Stockholm to meet Mats Wendel from Nordic Nutrients and Bengt Simonsson from Tech Market Sweden AB.

The low-flow and non-conventional dredging system was presented and shown while discussions were made about the main functionalities, operational processes and expectations. The three different systems have been delivered to Kalmar in June and due to delays in the public procurement of equipments for the treatment system the small scale test is delayed and planned to run during Spring 2019.

The main idea run some tests on site during April and operate the systems to evaluate their functionalities and assess if there is any problem or technical part that still needs to be adjusted and/or fixed. As soon as a better understanding of the systems is obtained then small-scale tests can be implemented step-wisely.

Last updated: 12 June 2019
Published: 29 January 2019